Waltergates: Software Solution Developers

What We Do

Who We Are

At Waltergates Ltd., We are an exclusive developer of business solution software. We have a long span of experience proferring solutions to business needs especially in the areas of automation. Waltergates now has branches in Nigeria & Ghana.

User Friendliness

Our solutions are very easy to use.


We are affordable: Given the quality of product and service we render, and comparing us to other solution developers, we are very affordable and flexible to deal with.

Our Experience

Our experience in business solutions software spans over 10 years. Our main objective is to bring an excellent but affordable business software solutions to you, so We will customize the solution to your exact requirement.

Our Services

  • Software Development
  • Internet Solutions
  • Data Management
  • Software Consultancy

Support 24x7

We have excellent support service: We don't just give you a solution and disappear, in a matter of 24hrs maximum, we will attend to your support needs. We are quick to respond to your support needs 24/7.

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